Sometimes we are in

Sometimes we are out

Sometimes we are in between

Wherever we are

We want to discover

When we are in :romantic poems , stories , ... and moments are created

When we are out :scientific explanations and crisises will come

And when in between , we are in between

Between, has a wide range

from in until out is called between

These nights, I have time after university

to do something else that worths at least for myself

It is years I am escaping from .

Books, movies, experiences, people around..

The most complicated concept

Many friends I saw, those are friends ,those are married, those are complicated, those say love me, those I felt I like, everything

I believe nothing is as true and as reliable as direct feelings

but all my individual and social life time

these days force me in trying to draw a conclusion about love from all aspects I know

I do not want to write it i my notebook cause I want other's comments

I think I will write it in a few days