What makes people so closed mind is accepting without thinking ..it is the exact prejudice...


امروز این حرف به وضوح بهم ثابت شد . بعد از اصرار زیاد از عدم علاقه به بحثهای مذهبی ، دوباره سر صحبت باز شد . بحث از اینجا شروع شد که دوستانیمون از اردن ، کنجکاو این قضیه شدن که این ایرانیای عوضی چرا وقتی میرن خارج همه چیز رو فراموش میکنن ؟ چرا یادشون میره که مسلمون هستن ؟ و من گفتم به طور کلی بشر الان بعد از دوره ی اسطوره گرایی و دینگرایی دوره ی بلوغ رو میگذرونه ، این مختص به ایرانیهای عوصی


open your eyes and have a look at human changes during the history ...

از من اصرار و از این دو برادر سوننی انکار ! امین حرف خوبی زد امروز، اینکه این عربها رو 124 هزار تا پیامبر هم نتونست درست کنه !. و بعد بحث جنسیت مطرح شد!و اثبات منطقی اینکه زن نصف مرد است و به

عبارتی خودمانی زن ضعیفه است . اما آنچه دوستان بحث علمی نامیدند: :

Ali : What makes women half of the men is exactly according to the pregnancy period,It has scientific proves.women become much more sensetive than men ,they can not judge as well as men,they forgot many things, and they are not as well as men,and this is really clear ,isn't it Younes?

Younes : But you can see in our class Atoosa is better than us ,what does it mean?

Ali : It is an exception!

Me : Okay,but holy Qoran always implement the justice for all people,also all exceptions.According to the types of boys I have seen till today,I am really more logical than lots of them,Without any lie,you can ask them.

Ali: You are an exception!But after you become pregnant ,you will be too too sensitive.

Me: But I don't want to be pregnant,there are too many homeless children,I want to adopt some.

Ali: You are an exception!

Me: But I am a woman ,even an exception ,so why I should be half of the men?

Ali: You are not a woman,you are exception!!You knowWe can discuss about other aspects,shie Muslims has too many problems,You insulate Omar,Osman,Aboobakr,your reference books are 12 instead of 1 Qoran,and you insulate Ayesheh!After each of these names ( sallallaho alaihe va alehi va salllam should be said ).

Me : Have you ever seen These Holy people ?that extremely comment about them?If you say we are extreme ,you are also extreme.I am not expert,these are just stories,Why I should be extreme about what I have never seen and it is for hundred years ago?

Al-ahmad: Hey Atoosa,You have too many limitations in your country ,that is why you do not like Islam.Come to Jordan and live there,we have mosques in front of bars,by the way ,you cannot come,it is too expensive for Iranians.

( Is our problem Barr?!)

Me: Please finish this discussiion,I have not any strong believes in Islam,I am not expert in Shie problems!!I hate lots of them,Also I hate lots of Muslims,Not hate,let's say I don't like,I want to be good,I like some parts of Qoran,some parts of Christians,Budhists,and so on, Have you ever read them?

Ali : Laugh!

Me: We have a proverb,said that :Moosa for his religion,Issa for his religion.

Ali: Yes,but dont say these,You will not go to < al-janaah > ..

Me : I don't believe in < Al-janaah> like what you belive ..

Ali: Astaghforellaaahh!( He just kept quiet,and told me you are denying Qoran )!

Me: I told you some days ago,why I should convince you while I am not really interested in ?It is my private life,don't disturb please !

Ali: Okay,but you are wrong.

Me: Nothing is wrong,It depends to who you are and why you are alive.

Then ,Ahmad bought me a chocolate,He thought I was angry because I was really loser,although while we were discussing,he said < I am really stuped in Islam,but it is what it said ,I do not know why!>

so,who is the loser ?!

I ate the chocolate with friends...

But I don't forget yesterday,While I was giving a presentation about culture of Iran,and Every body was quiet and listened to me,and the feeling of happiness in my face while Germans,Spanish,French and others were asking me alot after the class and told me your presentation was the best,these Guys said : Was Razi from Iran ? You are wrong.He is from Arabia!!They do not believe even in Wikipedia (http://fa.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D9%85%D8%AD%D9%85%D8%AF_%D8%B2%DA%A9%D8%B1%DB%8C%D8%A7%DB%8C_%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%B2%DB%8C),how I should waste the time in order to convince them While there are too many more profitable things to do.


I am not really angry,just a bit amazed about how they can live in a country where there is no fire for prostitudes and there is fire for men who are going to abuse,and logically wants me to be convinced by their logics?What does it mean when on the deck of our ferry to Finland ,he always wanted to dance with girls and he strongly believes in a Qoran that wants girls completely veiled? How people can think in the manner they want.in the thoughts they like..ANd think that others should think like them .

Rudness I called it...And Rude they are...