a deep breath

how many friends I miss
My addiction is not available these days
When I came back home
In my room
There are : the walls, me and a deeppp Silence
No Tv,No radio,No voice
Just me, the books, notebooks and pens
Nothing a lot to do with friends
to talk,to share
I sleep perfect these nights
I study
I think
I read
I write
No addiction
No dependency
The colorful leaves
Makes me think
I am quite good
I like many things
But something is hidden
Where is my great favorite to things
Where is my love feeling
This is my fact
When I try to change the situation
But I can't
When I want things
That I don't have or they are far
When I don't like the weather
But I can't change
When I want friends
who are not here
When I like kinds of moments
That they don't exist
When I Really Can't do many things
about many things
The conditions I already have
The people I already know
The moments already are passing
The abilities I already have
Yeah.. Compatibility ..Adaption
Satisfactory adaption
This is a lesson I had to learn.
This is a necessary lesson as I am growing up
Like these days
Are passing without extremes
I am not really happy
I am not really sad
On an average line I am walking
Everything is ok
Without any extreme
and this is the adaption lesson
I should learn